The Process for Our Customers

Over our many years in business, we’ve developed a simple, streamlined system that results in top-notch finished books and requires minimal effort on our customer’s part. Our goal is to “keep it simple” for you. Life is already so busy as it is and making a book shouldn’t add stress, headache, or worry to your long list of responsibilities. If we can spare you any stress, we will have done our job (along those lines, we hope that even this website is easy for you to use because otherwise, we wouldn’t be walking our talk, now would we?).

New to Book Printing

You know you want to print a book, but you are unsure of where to start and the options seem endless!

Is your book meant for a coffee table? A classroom? A nightstand?  What type of paper, ink and cover stock will be used? What size is your book? How many pages? How many books do you need?

There are many decisions to be made and we are here to help walk you through the many available options for your book!

Estimates can be procured in several ways:
  • Via the Web

    We have a section on the web site “Request A Quote”, where a simple fill-in-the-blank form is available as well as an even easier option to paste your written specifications.

  • Other Electronic Methods

    In addition, specifications may be faxed or e-mailed.

  • By Phone

    Sometimes it’s best to talk person-to-person, so we can discuss ideas and alternative options. We will quickly route your call to the correct person.