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A Specialized Print Service


A C-M Books specialty since the very beginning has been our ability to put back into print old books that have long since been out-of-print. While the techniques to accomplish this have changed with technology, we still offer this specialized service. Typically, this process begins with a single old book that we take apart, scan to create electronic files, and process to any method / quantity of books needed. Arrangements can also be made to rebind old books after scanning.

Reprinting Older Titles:

While technologies have changed over the years, improving efficiencies and reducing costs, the negatives that were made and used many years ago are becoming obsolete. Here at C-M Books, your negatives still have value, and can be used to reprint your titles that other printers are no longer able to produce.

So if one of your backlist reprints has long gone out of print, there is now an economical way to bring it back.

Just wanted to give you another big thank you for getting these to us with such a short lead time. We just received the first 272 copies of the book and they look wonderful! Wow, really do like that matte finish. The color is right on the money! Another awesome job by C-M Books. Thank you!

G. Wilson

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