Printing Services

As a full-service book manufacturer, our printing services include using both offset and digital printing methods. We also specialize in bringing old, out-of-print books back to print.

If you are deciding between offset versus digital printing for your next book, here are some questions to help you determine what the right method is for printing your book:

How We Work

  • Quantity

    How many books do you need? For a smaller quantity of books (under 300), digital printing can be more cost-effective. However, as quantities increase, the unit cost goes down with offset printing.

  • Options for paper, finishes and sizes

    Do you want to use a special text paper, cover paper or cover decoration? Is your book a unique size? While the options for digital are expanding, offset printing still offers more flexibility.

  • Color Choices

    How many colors does your book use? If you need only black ink or one or two ink colors, offset printing may be a more cost-effective option. If you need four-color printing, digital may offer advantages in lower up-front costs.

  • Exact Colors

    Do you plan to print using the Pantone® Matching System (which allows you to choose exact colors)? If so, offset printing works best, as it uses actual Pantone® ink. Digital printing simulates the color using a four-color matching process, so it may be less accurate at exact color matches.

  • Turnaround

    How quickly do you need your books? Digital usually offers quicker production and delivery.

  • Proofing

    Do you need an accurate proof? With digital, you see an actual sample of the printed book before multiple copies are made. Accurate color proofing for offset printing can be expensive.

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